Thứ Năm, 19 tháng 8, 2010

Sustainable Ocean Development

Traditionally, ocean development has been about natural resource exploitation, just as it has been on land, but depleted fisheries, oil spills, polluted seas, plastic bags, red tides, dying coral, and a host of other problems mean that we cannot afford to keep destroying our oceans.  Yet many people depend upon the oceans for our livelihood, as the recent BP oil spill so dramatically demonstrated.  We need energy, food, shipping and other marine jobs and careers, but we also need wise development.  We need more sustainable ocean development where we effectively harness the enthusiasm, energy and wisdom of people of all backgrounds, including environmentalists, developers, industrialists, educators, and policymakers, to chart a wiser course of development for the future.  Hawaii is proud to launch the Blue Revolution project to rally ocean lovers around our common goal of improving the quality of our oceans, both in terms of new jobs as well as environmental protection.  We bring our Aloha spirit so that we may all work together peacefully and harmoniously for the common good.

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